Rescuing Northwest Indiana's Underdogs


About Us

Happy Tails Rescue Inc. is a dog rescue based in Northwest Indiana, with a mission to reduce euthanasia rates of dogs in shelters. To this end, we work with Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland shelters, humane societies, and animal control agencies to transfer dogs into our care that may otherwise not be deemed adoptable by the shelter -- senior dogs, dogs with medical issues, unpopular breeds like Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas, dogs that are not handling the stress of the shelter environment well, and dogs with manageable behavioral issues. All of Happy Tails Rescue's dogs veterinary needs are taken care of, and they are fostered by volunteers in screened loving foster homes around Northwest Indiana until they find their forever home. In addition to rescuing dogs, Happy Tails Rescue spays/neuters local animals in need as funds allow.


Why adopt from us?
1. Because you are rescuing, not buying!
2. Happy Tails dogs are already vetted and in most cases will need no further medical tests, vaccines or treatment for a year (your vet may recommend additional tests or vaccines that are situationally dependent).
3. Because our dogs live in foster homes you get a unique opportunity to speak to the foster parent for insights into a dog's personality, quirks and needs. This can make the transition to your home smoother and you can make a more educated choice about whether a particular dog would be a good fit in your home.

Where do your dogs come from?
We help dogs primarily from Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland shelters, humane societies, and animal controls. We also take in the occasional stray or owner surrender, but always keep in mind our mission to help the most vulnerable dogs. We only take dogs that we have foster homes for, so this limits the number of dogs we can help. There's a misconception that dogs in shelters have many issues or were given up by their families because they're bad dogs. The most common reasons for surrendering a pet to a local shelter are a move and illness. So many wonderful animals are in our local shelters, and many completely adoptable animals do not make it out alive.

How do you vet the dogs?
Each dog that comes to us receives an exam by a veterinarian; DA2PPV, Rabies, and Bordatella vaccines; a fecal test for intestinal parasites; and a Heart-worm test. Every dog is also altered (spayed or neutered) and micro-chipped.

Can you explain your adoption fees?
Our adoption fees are higher than a public shelter because we do all the vetting of the dog before adoption. There are benefits to this -- you know the general health of the dog before you decide to adopt. Also, the adoption fee is much less than what you'd pay to take the dog to the vet yourself. The estimated cost to vet a dog as thoroughly as we do at your local vet is $400-$500, and that's if they're healthy. Adoption fees start at $150 and average about $250. Some dogs have higher adoption fees that help us cover the cost of the many senior dogs and dogs with medical issues that we help.