Rescuing Northwest Indiana's Underdogs

Thank you for your interest in saving lives by becoming a foster parent. Shelters in Northwest Indiana and Chciagoland euthanize many dogs each year due to age, limited holding space or simple curable illnesses like kennel cough, cherry eye, or injury. Shelters contact us when they have a dog in need of rescue, and we have wonderful vets who work with us so we can afford to treat these dogs. Foster parents are integral to saving dogs. Money can be raised, transportation can be found, but without foster parents stepping up, we can't save dogs.

What to Expect,  and What's Expected of You

-We will work with you to identify the type of foster dog placement which best fits your experience, household, and living situation. 

-Any dogs in your household need to be spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations including rabies, bordatella (kennel cough), and DA2PPV.

-Happy Tails covers all medical care for foster dogs, but we ask you to transport your foster dog to the vet occasionally.

-Food and supplies can be provided. Some Foster Parents provide these as an in-kind gift to Happy Tails Rescue, but this is not necessary. Supplies including crates, food, treats, blankets/beds and toys are available as needed.

-We advertise our adoptable dogs on Facebook, PetFinder.com and AdoptAPet.com. It takes 2 weeks to 4 months to find a dog their home. We can't always tell which dogs will be adopted quickly, we're often surprised. We ask that you commit to caring for your foster dog until they're adopted.

-We love the Foster Parent’s help in promoting their dog by sending photos, videos, and providing a description of their animal’s personality. 

-We ask that Foster Parents talk with screened potential adopters and bring dogs to Meet & Greets when a serious potential home is found.

-We welcome your opinion and insight on whether or not a potential adoptive home is the right fit. As the Foster Parent, you know the dog best. We work together on choosing the right home.

-We have a wonderful group of 25 or so fosters and volunteers who keep in touch through a private facebook group as well as occasional meetups. If you're unable to foster but want to help Happy Tails at events or by transporting or have another talent to offer, we're definitely interested in having you!

Becoming a Foster Parent

-To start the approval process, we first ask you to fill out our online Foster Parent Application.

-Once submitted, we will call you for a phone interview. We check personal references as well as vet references. We will have a home visit, mostly looking to ensure our dogs will be in a safe environment and get along with your resident animals. This also gives us a chance to meet you and your household pets and helps us understand what type of foster dog would suit you.

-Once a Foster Family is approved, you will be asked to sign a Foster Parent Contract which in addition to providing you with general guidelines, releases us from liability from property or personal damage.